香港著名唱作人。憑著創作鄭秀文主唱的《放不低》一曲而聞名,1996年正式加入音樂創作行列,並曾與各大歌手合作。2005年為麥浚龍所寫的《雌雄同體》在流行音樂界闖出新風格﹐獲得各電臺頒獎禮獎項﹐更奪得CASH金帆音樂獎「最佳另類歌曲」的殊榮。2012年憑Gin Lee的《今天終於一人回家》及林二汶的《Wanna Be》分別奪得CASH金帆音樂獎「最佳旋律」及「最佳歌曲」兩個大獎。馮穎琪也擅長唱歌,曾於2005年及2008年推出個人唱作專輯《Never Home﹒﹒﹒想回家》及《The Journey of Present:擁抱現在》﹐奠定唱作人位置。她更於2017年舉行其二十年音樂事業的音樂會,推出《繼續彳亍》專輯以尋找覺知的旅程為軸心,新專輯收錄由Vicky重新演繹她寫給其他歌手精心挑選的七首歌曲, 包括:彳亍、弱水三千及全新歌曲:水晶靈魂,其中更特別重新收錄麥浚龍的POORU,連同新晉女歌手鄧小巧及王嘉儀三把靈性女聲綻放暗黑的美麗。雖然在音樂創作路上已不知不覺20個年頭,但Vicky仍然希望不斷向前,把作品以新思維呈現,用展望未來的角度繼續創作,繼續彳亍。2017年更以《銀髮白》一曲於CASH 金帆音樂獎獲得一連三大將項,包括:最佳旋律、最佳合唱演繹,及CASH 最佳歌曲大獎 。


2007年與一眾活躍於香港音樂創作界的好友成立Backstage Live Restaurant﹐提供優質音樂場地﹐並成為各種音樂類型和音樂愛好者的集中地。2010年,她與另一音樂人謝國維組成音樂份子有限公司(Frenzi Music Limited),建立屬於自己的錄音室。同時,亦發掘並延攬不少優秀創作人,包括黎曉陽、Nowhere Boys、鄧小巧、Per Se及黃靖。


2015年Frenzi Music與音樂人林一峰合作建立網上平台MusicBee音樂蜂,  為擁有音樂夢想的音樂人在網上發表其計劃讓普羅大眾參與公眾集資項目,積極推動香港音樂及創作文化。Vicky亦繼續活躍於創作,亦為不同項目及場地擔任音樂策展人。

Vicky Fung made her debut to the Cantonese pop scene by composing the number one hit Can’t Let Go for Cantopop diva Sammi Cheng in 1996. Since then, she has been an active member of the Hong Kong music industry and has been working with various prominent local singers. With the song Androgyny that she composed for Juno Mak in 2005, Vicky has managed to bring a new impetus to the Cantopop scene with an unique and new style of music. This song won her the Best Alternative Composition award at the 2005 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards along with other music awards presented from different radio stations. In 2012, she composed Gin Lee’s Finally Going Home by Myself and Eman Lam’s Wanna Be which respectively crowned her with the Best Melody and Best Song award at the 2012 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards. In 2017, her song 《Yin Fa Bai 銀髮白》has also won 3 awards which were Best Melody, Best Vocal Collaborations and CASH Best Song too.


As a professional singer herself, Vicky had released the albums Never Home in 2005 and The Journey of Present in 2008, which she both sang and composed. In 2017, Vicky released her 3rd album “  Travelling Soul” in which she reinterpreted 7 songs she wrote for different artists. She also held her personal concert to commemorate her 20th year in the industry. Although Vicky  has been in the music industry for over two decades, her sights are set on the future with an eye towards producing music with fresh and innovative ideas. 


In order to provide a professional venue to cater for the needs of musicians of all genres, Vicky and a group of beloved friends who are all local music enthusiasts and professionals opened the Backstage Live Restaurant – which ultimately turned into a cradle for nurturing local musical artists.


In 2010, Vicky and Cantopop veteran Victor Tse established Frenzi Music Limited, a music production and artist management company which further expands her passion towards developing and sustaining the local pop music industry by unearthing potential talents. In collaboration with singer-songwriter Chet Lam, Frenzi Music launched MusicBee – Hong Kong’s first crowdfunding platform for musicians, to help them raise money to launch their own projects and in a bid to foster music and creative culture in the local community.



01. 彳亍
02. 弱水三千
03. 水晶靈魂 feat. Pollie @小塵埃
04. 後台下 (Evolution Version)

05. Poor U feat. 鄧小巧 & 王嘉儀
06. 吃鯨魚的人
07. 終點的起點
08. 今天終於一人回家



01. 生日禮物
02. 我愛過很多人
03. 如果真的要結婚
04. da da
05. 優哉悠哉

06. 別在意
07. Forever Love
08. 稀客
09. 告訴我
10. 擁抱現在

Never Home 想回家


01. Waiting
02. 香味運程

03. In The Dark
04. 飛行棋
05. Still In The Dark
06. 按摩
07. 想回家
08. Rendezvous
09. 難自已(後遺症 Original Version)
10. Am I Still In The Dark
11. 慶幸

Bonus Track
12. 開玩笑(最佳位置 Demo Version)

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