per se

per se 由Stephen Mok和Sandy Ip兩位音樂創作人所組成。per se 一詞解作 "就其本身而言", 意即他們的音樂可自我解釋, 希望不以組合名稱來框著創作的風格和界限。


2013年,per se推出了首張同名EP; 亦於2016年誔生了第二張概念迷你專輯《Conundrum》,創作內容圍繞生命中不同的難題。近期,per se更為下一個大碟計劃 ENDS project推出了首兩支廣東歌:《家變》和《親愛的幽靈》,探討不同的完結。


per se is a music duo composed of music talents: Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip. per se means intrinsic or in itself, which reflects our music being just music without the limitations and burdens of genre or style. 


They started by releasing their debut EP in 2013 and have since released several digital singles as well as a concept mini-album revolving around the puzzles of life named <Conundrum> in 2016. More recently, they released two Cantonese songs and are in preparation of their new project; <ENDS>.

ends - EP



01. Winter Song
02. 親愛的幽靈
03. 逝水如斯
04. Anonymous Symphony
05. 天空塌下前

06. 家變

07. Wander Across The...

08. Wonderline


Conundrum - EP



01. who?
02. i was right again
03. How to be alive
04. fragments
05. unSWEET deadBEAT

06. the mist

per se - EP


01. Generation Loss
02. I was right
03. YOU

04. am I Still ...