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For over a decade, Victor has proven himself a consistent leader in Asia’s Music Industry. Trademarked with a fresh and stylistic approach to his work, his music is often regarded unique as his self arrangements tend to incorporate nothing of the stereotype. An award winning Producer, Victor has published many well-known compositions and continues to create anticipated works, whether it be for Pop Music, Film Scoring, and TVC Productions.


Known well for her innate melodic ability, Vicky has been crafting memorable works since 1996; as an Award winning Singer / Songwriter / Lyricist, her skills have been recognized throughout all types of Productions. Working with and for a gamut of Hong Kong’s megastars, Vicky’s claim to fame is not just the volume of work that she’s done – over 100 published pieces, over her two albums which she has produced, but rather for the quality of said work, as her compositions always depart from the derivative.


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