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黃靖在倫敦中央聖瑪丁美術學院的舞台設計系以一級榮譽資格畢業,再到中央語言及戲劇學院進修舞台導演碩士學位。音樂風格受英倫民謡唱作人Nick Drake和北歐小清新Kings of Convenience影響, 到近年迷上搖滾樂團White Stripes和Black Keys後破舊立新重新音樂定位為”Book Rock”。


他亦於過去數年被邀請到多個大型音樂節如: 2015 Clockenflap和自由約的舞台, 2016 夏天到澳洲Adelaide Oz Asia Festival演出,2017十月份再到韓國首爾ZandariFestival和PAMS兩個國際音樂藝術節演出,更為國際級樂團Belle & Sebastian, Kings of Convenience, Andrew Bird等等做暖場嘉賓。

2004 年已贏得通利琴行原音樂隊比賽的最佳原創歌曲和第二名,2010年簽了黃耀明的人山人海獨立唱片公司,並在2012年12月發表了首張專輯。其歌曲在麥曦茵導演的電影 ”前度” 和 許鞍華的 ”得閒炒飯” 出現作插曲。他亦分別去了30多個城市作個人巡演, 亦在2015年自家品牌 Mr Nightingale 推出了兩張EP’How to Disappear’ 和 ‘生活的小偷’。



Jing Wong graduated as a Theatre Designer and Director in London's Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design with First Honours, Jing Wong has honed his music style- “Book Rock” by rich music influences in London from Blues to Folk to Rock, but his main influences are Folk singer-song writers like Nick Drake and Damien Rice and recently Rock bands like White Stripes and Black Keys.


He was the opening act for Belle & Sebastian, Kings of Convenience and Andrew Bird in their tour to Hong Kong, and played the main stage at Music Festivals such as the Clockenflap, Wow and Flutter and Freespace in West Kowloon promenade.  He was also invited to play in Adelaide's OZAsia Festival in 2016, Zandari Festival and PAMS festival in Seoul 2017. He was signed to People Mountain People Sea and released his first live album + EP in December 2012.His song ‘You are in everything I do’ was the theme song of film director Heiward Mak’s “EX”, and ‘Through the dark glass’ also appeared in multiple award winning film director  Ann Hui ‘s movie “ALL ABOUT LOVE”.


He has toured 30 cities in China in and has just released one english and one chinese EP ‘How to Disappear’ and ‘生活的小偷’ in 2015 under his own independent label Mr Nightingale.


He is now signed to Frenzi Music.



Travelling in Youth - SINGLE


01. 如果青春
02. 列車尚未停定
03. 變壞

生活的小偷 - EP


01. 生活的小偷
02. 探戈
03. 別走那麼快
04. 我們
05. 煙火

06. 玻璃

Last Breath of Youthful Melancholy - EP + Live CD


 - EP -

01. This Is A Love Song For Yourself
02. Icarus
03. You are in Everything I do

- Live CD -

01. Little Girl
02. You Are In Everything I Do
03. Viva Odyssey
04. Song of The Broken Bird
05. Icarus
06. Love At The Speed of Light
07. Nottingham Train
08. In The Forest
09. Through The Dark Class
10. Hydrogen Girl
11. Broken
12. Muted Singer
13. Stranger
14. Mrs Nightingale


How To Disappear - EP


01. My Life as a Song
02. If I Were a Magician

03. How to Disappear
04. Black Monday

05. Shipwreck

黃靖 Jing Wong - I Marshmallow You (feat. Yeung Tung) [Official MV]

黃靖 Jing Wong - I Marshmallow You (feat. Yeung Tung) [Official MV]
黃靖 Jing Wong - I Marshmallow You (feat. Yeung Tung) [Official MV]

黃靖 Jing Wong - I Marshmallow You (feat. Yeung Tung) [Official MV]

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"變壞" Lyrics Video

"變壞" Lyrics Video

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黃靖 最新主打廣東情歌 "我們" MV

黃靖 最新主打廣東情歌 "我們" MV

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"玻璃" MV  周耀輝 x 黃靖

"玻璃" MV 周耀輝 x 黃靖

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