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自09年赢得十八區超新星大賽冠軍,黎曉陽積極在音樂路磨練,以街頭作基地,曾為受歡迎的街頭音樂組合「傻啦士多」(Sollasedo)之主音及結他手,並得到 MOOV 音樂平台大力支持,獲邀參與其大型廣告之拍攝。


2014年,Michael加入音樂分子開始全面個人發展,於11月初發佈了首張CD Single《天行者》。


2015年,Michael飾演創意香港贊助之音樂微電影男主角,亦奪得該微電影製作大賽之銅獎。 黎曉陽繼續尋找音樂夢想,推出首張個人以Folk Rock風格為主的創作專輯,  他透過眾籌平台“音樂蜂”以134%超額的優良成績達標。而新專輯內歌曲《快樂很慢》、《香港傑出廢青》及《真偽文青》也獲得各大傳媒平台的支持及好評。首張專輯《上上下下左右左右BA Start》獲得各大傳媒的支持,並在多個網上平台獲選為2015年度最佳專輯之一,亦獲得中國南方都市報傳媒音樂大獎的最佳粵語男新人,以及香港電台最有前途新人優異獎。


2016年,加盟東亞唱片旗下的寰亞唱片,推出單曲《敗部》,成為香港電台、新城知訊台等上榜歌曲。同年亦獲邀為大型音樂及藝術節Clockenflap 2016 Harbour Flap Stage 演出單位。


2017年尾推出了全新專輯「Some Things I Keep to Myself Some Things I Share」。

Following his championship of the 18th District Singing Contest in 2009, Michael continued to pursue his music career and brought his stage to the streets. As the lead vocal and guitarist of the popular street music group "Sollasedo", Michael was able to gain enormous support from MOOV, Hong Kong’s first and largest digital music platform, and was featured in their TVC campaign in 2013.


In 2014, Michael signed to frenzimusic, and embarked on a solo career and released his first CD Single "Skywalker". Michael has taken the lead in a musical microfilm production sponsored by CreateHK, which the microfilm had also won a bronze medal in the microfilm category. . His first Folk Rock style EP was released successfully via the crowd funding platform, Musicbee, achieving a 134% funding target from crowd funders The songs of "Happiness comes slowly"、 “Hong Kong Outstanding Junk Youngster” and “The real and fake literal teens” have received very positive responses from DJs and media, "Happiness comes slowly" stayed on the Commercial Radio 903 TOP 20 Chart for five weeks too. His first album “↑↑↓↓← →← →BA Start” was highly received by media, and was named one of the 2015 Top Album among online platforms.


Back in 2015, Michael won “Best New Male Cantonese Singer Award” from Southern Metropolis Daily and "Best Prospect Award" from RTHK.


In 2016, Michael affiliate with Media Asia Music, plugged singled “Loser Department” which was ranked on Top list of Radio such as RTHK radio and Metroinfo. Moreover, Michael was invited as the performing guest of Clockenflap 2016 on Harbour Flap Stage, one of the biggest Hong Kong’s Music and Arts Festival.


His latest EP “Some Things I Keep to Myself Some Things I Share” has been released at end of 2017.

Some things I Keep to myself

Some things I share - EP


01. Mr. Weather Man
02. 怕

03. 自由泳

04. 盡

05. I Will Be Alright

上上下下左右左右 B A Start


01. 快樂很慢
02. 升降機
03. 香港傑出廢青
04. 邊度跌低邊度起返身
05. 最陌生的熟悉人
06. 永遠很近
07. 真偽文青
08. 撐著

天行者 - SINGLE



01. 天行者
02. Cope with Life

My england ain't no good (Ofiicial MV)

My england ain't no good (Ofiicial MV)
My england ain't no good (Ofiicial MV)

My england ain't no good (Ofiicial MV)

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黎曉陽 Michael Lai - 怕 (Official MV)

黎曉陽 Michael Lai - 怕 (Official MV)

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黎曉陽 Michael Lai - 自由泳 (Official MV)

黎曉陽 Michael Lai - 自由泳 (Official MV)

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黎曉陽 Michael Lai - Mr. Weather Man (Official MV)

黎曉陽 Michael Lai - Mr. Weather Man (Official MV)

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