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Ronald Tsui was exposed to the 90’s pop and r&b music since young. He was one of the founders of MOYAO, a music production team formed together with his younger brother, Nic Tsui; along with Cousin Fung, an award-winning Hong Kong-based  songwriter. Aside from his regular banker identity, Ronald is currently an exclusive songwriter under Sony ATV and Frenzi Music. Thanks to his passion in singing, he is also a backing vocalist for some HK local artists. 



  • 2017

      《Take your time》performed by Jase Ho@ C Allstar

  • 2016

      《聲音騷了》performed by C Allstar

      《天平先生》performed by 雷深如 (J.Arie)

  • 2014

      《枕邊故事》performed by 華晨宇

  • Date: 2017 Dec

        Venue/ Performance: 《側田JUSTIN CHAPTER FREE 演唱會2017》香港站

        Performer: 側田

  • Date: 2017 Oct

        Venue/ Performance: 《生於C Allstar》香港紅磡體育館演唱會2017

        Performer: C Allstar

  • Date: 2017 Sep

        Venue/ Performance: 《側田JUSTIN CHAPTER FREE 演唱會2017》廣州站


  • Date: 2017 Jun

        Venue/ Performance: 側田 Live 4 LIVE《尖叫現場》上海站

        Performer: 側田

  • Date: 2017 Jun

        Venue/ Performance: 903夢想系列拉闊音樂會 側田 X Gin Lee

        Performer: 側田, Gin Lee

  • Date: 2017 Jun

        Venue/ Performance: 側田 Live 4 LIVE《尖叫現場》成都站

        Performer: 側田

  • Date: 2017 Feb

        Venue/ Performance: Phill like Live 2017

        Performer: 林奕匡

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