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CM是一位低音結他和低音大提琴手,以自由身音樂人身份活躍於本地獨立和流 行樂圈,主要參與流行音樂會演出,唱片錄音,編曲和監製工作。曾經合作的 歌手有鄭秀文、容祖兒、黃耀明、楊千嬅、草蜢、何韻詩、達明一派、 陳慧嫻、 藍奕邦、周國賢、林一峰、林二汶、盧凱彤、at17等。

2012年CM參與製作林二汶同名大碟,成為幕後團隊The HUSband成員,參與 全碟所有編曲和演奏。碟內單曲’Wanna Be’ 除了是商業電台叱吒流行榜冠軍 歌,並於2012 CASH金帆音樂獎獲頒「CASH最佳歌曲大獎」。「林二汶」專輯 更囊括第十三屆華語音樂傳媒大獎「最佳粵語女藝人」、「最佳錄音」和「最 佳HiFi專輯」多個大獎。

2014年,文藝復興基金會委託CM爲獨立唱作人唐藝監製EP「Seriously」, 並負 責全碟所有編曲和大部分樂器演奏。「Seriously」推出首日即登上iTunes普通 話榜第一位,唱片更於社交平台掀起廣泛討論。其中單曲 ‘Just Be Gay’ 的MV 於新浪微博推出首日即得到超過百萬點擊。唐藝更憑著「Seriously」於「2015 微博音樂人獎」獲得「年度十大新人」。
CM曾多次以特邀樂手身份跨界別與知名古典音樂家和樂團合作演出,包括國際 著名男高音Andrea Bocelli、小提琴名家姚珏和香港小交響樂團等。 CM亦曾經 與不同的音樂劇場單位合作香港演藝學院、W創作社、進念二十面體和演戲家 族。
CM亦熱愛爵士樂,常與本地及海外爵士樂手交流及演出。2013年CM亦加入了 本地爵士結他新星Tjoe的NTBM(Not To Be Missed), 除了巡迴演出外,更爲Tjoe 原創爵士唱片「日常」的錄音演奏。

CM曾參與不同的本地獨立樂隊,現在為獨立funk/soul 7人樂隊 [The Majestic G麟角樂團] 團長兼低音結他手,同時與唱作歌手李拾壹和鼓手Kevin Boy合組 樂隊 [三李團]。


CM is currently a recording & touring bassist, arranger, music director and producer, and is active in both the local pop and indie music scene. He goes on tour with major pop artistes such as Sammi Cheng, Joey Yung, Miriam Ye- ung, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, HOCC, Priscilla Chan, Grasshopper, Chet Lam, Eman Lam, and at17 just to name a few.

He is a member of ‘The HUSband’, the quartet behind young diva Eman Lam’s highly acclaimed self-titled album released in 2012. ‘Wanna be’, a number one single from the album, was awarded ‘2012 Best Song’ at the CASH Golden Sail Music Awards, which CM has co-arranged and recorded. This album also won 'Best Cantonese Female Artiste', 'Best Recording' and 'Best HiFi Album' at the 13th Chinese Music Media Awards

In 2014, CM was commissioned by the Renaissance Foundation to produce the debut album “Seriously” for Singer-songwriter Tang Yi. “Seriously” hit No. 1 on iTunes Mando-pop album chart on its first day of release, and went viral on various new media platforms. The MV of single ‘Just Be Gay’ has a hit rate over one million on its first day of release on Sina Weibo. Tang Yi also won ’10 best new comer’ award at the 2015 Weibo Music Award by Sina Wei- bo.

CM is privileged to have the opportunity to perform with some of the best icons in classical music, such as world class tenor singer Andrea Bocelli, dis- tinguished vionlinist Yao Jue and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. He has also worked with various musical theatre companies such as the HKAPA, W cre- ative, Zuni Icosahedrons and Actor family.

CM is also strongly passionate about jazz music, and have performed with many jazz musicians from HK and overseas. He has formed jazz trio Free- mind, and in 2013 CM joined and toured with guitarist Tjoe’s quartet. He also appeared in Tjoe’s original jazz album “Flow”.

CM was a member of various indie bands, he is currently the bandleader of indie funk/soul septet The Majestic G, and has formed new band ‘Three Lee’s’ together with singer-songwriter Subyub Lee and drummer Kevin Boy.

CM is endorsed by world renowned Italian bass amplifier brand Mark Bass since 2015. 

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